Parentage testing in dogs

Currently DNA test for individual STR profile is not available. 


  • Determination of the puppy's biological parents, as well as STR profiling (DNA test) of a single animal
  • All DNA tests can be purchased remotely from the e-shop
  • Paternity/ maternity DNA tests are officially recognized if the sampling is done in the presence of an LKF representative 
  • Testing takes place in Latvia within an average of 10 working days, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • We are an internationally accredited laboratory with 20 years of experience in genetic testing

Identify the puppy's biological parents!

Nosaki kucēna bioloģiskos vecākus!

Parentage DNA test for dogs - when to choose it?

  • The test can be used both to test the puppy's biological parents and to determine the individual genetic or STR profile of the animal.
  • This test can help prove the lineage - it compares the STR profiles of the dog and the supposed parents.
  • If the test is needed for administrative issues (animal theft, theft of clubs’/breeders’ identity, etc.), we also offer a test, which is recognized by the responsible federation.

  Paternity test price depends on the number of animals tested. It is possible to test one parent and one offspring, as well as both parents and multiple offspring. If at least 3 dogs are tested, we apply a 10% discount, while if at least 6 dogs or more are tested, we apply a 15% discount from the total price.  The standard price of the STR profile of a single animal is 55 €. 

Interpretation of the results:

  • In the paternity/ maternity DNA test, the result is expressed as positive or negative depending on whether the genotypes match with the potential parents. A positive result is possible if in all DNA loci tested one of the puppy's results coincides with the result of the possible father, while another result must match with the mother's result if both potential parents are tested. The accuracy is over 99.9%. Negative - if at least two DNA loci do not match the results of the intended parent. In this case, the accuracy is 100%, meaning that the animals are not the puppy's biological parents. The results will also include a STR genotype table for each dog.
  • A single animal STR profile test will show the genotype. 

Additional information:

If there are doubts about the origin of the puppies or other uncertainties, the test can be performed officially in the presence of a representative of the Latvian Cynological Federation. The representative will confirm that the sampled material is from the dog indicated in the form by checking its chip and registration data.  

The official DNA test for paternity/ maternity in dogs will only be valid if the special protective label is affixed to the envelope. If it is damaged for any reason, the test cannot be considered officially approved and valid. 

When purchasing a DNA test in our e-shop, we will send you a sampling kit to take samples from the test animals, a testing application form, as well as instructions on how to take the samples. The kit also includes a paid return envelope. 

Testing process in the presence of a representative from Latvian Cynological Federation:

  • Buy the test in our e-shop. Please indicate how many animals you want to test;
  • When you receive the sampling kit, arrive at the Latvian Cynological Federation at a pre-arranged time. Bring all the dogs;
  • The representative of Latvian Cynological Federation will check the identity of the dogs, take samples, place them in an envelope and seal the envelope;
  • The envelope with the samples should be mailed to our laboratory;
  • The results should arrive within 10 days (usually sooner);
  • The test report will confirm that the results have been approved and are also recognized by the Latvian Cynological Federation.

  Important to know!

All available veterinary DNA tests are performed remotely - animals are not admitted to the laboratory!

  Do you have questions about testing opportunities? 

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